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Finding the right content marketing strategy for your business influences your overall success. It is no surprise that many clients come to us with this quest on their minds. They ask what can we can do to make their website sell better? 

In this article, we will be putting your mind at ease by telling you one fundamental secret on how we make excellent content that ensures your website reaches the first page of SERP. Here, we will be discussing how powerful creating experiences with your content can be. We will use creative examples and best practices for creating impactful content experiences. 

How Can Semalt Help My Content Become Better?

Did you try hiring an SEO consultant, content manager, or marketer, but you don't see the impact on your conversion rates or CTR? You keep on trying things your way, and you constantly push out contents, but it never seems to get the traction or results you require? Well, it's time you try something new; it's time you let Semalt get the job done. 

Ahrefs has been doing data studies in the last years. A study from 2017 research showed some very alarming numbers. From that study, we learned that 90.63% of all pages in our index get zero traffic from google, and about 5.29% of these webpages get ten visits per month or less. Even worse, a lot of the content produced on the way feels dull, draining, and simply pointless to clients like yourself. 

We get where you're coming from. 

Here, you will see one of our special recipes, the concept of content experience. 

What Is Content Experience?

From its name, you should have an idea of what we are referring to. Content experience is a blend of content and user experience. It consists of mainly packaging, structuring, and leveraging contents in the best ways possible. 

By building your content, we can take the focus from content production at a large scale to developing new ways to repackage and upgrade your content. Here, we will be discussing ways in which we package your content and make them attractive to everyone. 

As SEO professionals, we may ramble on and on till we become boring; but that's because we love our jobs. Google, as a text-based crawler, means we have to write certain things. However, we try not to let that hold us back from creating meaningful experiences that entertain your audience and builds trust for your brand. 

What Makes The Virtual Experience So Important? 

Now more than ever, virtual experiences play an important role in user experience. That is because we are all tired of Zoom calls or boring long blocks of texts and websites that say the same things. We had more than enough of those in 2020. In this New Year, we believe that it is time to take the idea of creating a meaningful experience from our user interface and include it in our content creation. Genius right? Content has been the bedrock for SEO ever since the beginning, but it took a pandemic to show us that we can implement user experience into our content. 

What Are Content Experiences?

This term was coined by Randy Frisch in his book "F#ck Content Marketing: Focus on Content Experience". He defines content experience as:
  • The environment in which content exists.
  • How your content is structured.
  • How does content on your webpage compels your prospects and customers to engage with your company?
Ultimately, to master content experience, you will need three elements: 
  1. A strategic approach towards creating a comfortable environment in which your audience can consume your content.
  2. Structuring content so that it will be discovered easily.
  3. Encourage your audience to be engaging and convert as you lead them through the buyers' journey.

How Does This Apply To Semalt And Its Clients?

Here, we will be highlighting four areas that allow you to improve your content experience. 

The Pyramid Principle 

The Pyramid Principle is often used in newspaper articles or executive summaries. It is used to drive focus and improve how much attention is given to your content. 

The core of this principle is that: 
  • We start with the answer first.
  • We then group and summarize supporting arguments. 
  • Logically order supporting ideas. 
Writing your content like a journalist enables us to grab and keep the attention of your audience. By starting with the most vital information in the topic H1 and first paragraph, we show that your content has just what your audience needs. 

Many content writers make the mistake of burying their lead and hiding the best part of the content with a long and unnecessary introduction to put in as many keywords as possible. Another mistake content writers make to create a long-form article for every topic. Sometimes, short is best. 

When someone searches for an invoice template, they do not want to see a 2,000-word article describing the history of invoices. For a good experience, they will want 300-500 words with an actual template. By keeping it short and straight to the point, you decrease the frustration of your audience and offer them value immediately. 

That will make them return for more content later on.

Have Resource Libraries That Justifies Search Intent

The pyramid Principles apply to every aspect of your, including your blogs. So you want to rethink your blog categories. Having your blog post sorted by date makes it difficult for users to find relevant information when they need it. We treat your blog categories as resource libraries, and we structure them in that manner. So instead of using only dates, we cluster your contents by topics or content type (video, white paper, e-book) and funnel stage (activation, nutrition, sales) therefore making umbrella capsules of information. This helps us create a helpful resource library that our clients love. 

Segmenting information this way allows us to display information about exercise, rest, and care in a neat format at the top. Then we display the recent articles on the bottom. Contrary to what you may be thinking, doing it this way serves your audience better. That is because you make it easier for users to find relevant information because your contents are structured by the context and their needs. 

Fostering Engagements And Growing Your List

Have you ever considered designing your website to promote your content first and not e-commerce? Think of Pampers as an example. Their website clearly fosters useful engagement. Even if you visit their store, they've made it so easy to find the best products for you. In their store, they have a calculator that helps you calculate the diaper size and the amount needed. We've learned from them and now employ it to our client's website. It is an excellent way to increase engagement on a website and improve the user experience. 

Scheduling also has a traditional way to increase engagement and generate more leads. In Garrett Moon's 10X Marketing Formula, he highlighted his method of turning organic visitors into leads. In his blog posts, you will find a lead magnet. They include templates for a content calendar, headline tips, and content planners. Their content also follows the pyramid principle and converts into email leads. 

Avoid Dead Pages With Internal Content Distribution

Do you really know who needs your content? 
  • Your support team
  • Your sales team 
  • Your invoices
Your content isn't beneficial to only your audience. You might be wondering how this content can mean so much to your audience? Your invoice or receipt is an opportunity to educate, explain, and build a stronger fan base. Have you considered including your best how-to-guides into your automated mail receipts?
Imagine a client of yours buying a dishwasher, and you include a series of guides on how to use them. Automatically, they want to click, which improves your user experience. Now you see that it is a genius idea and how helpful it is for your support and sales team. 

Businesses who do not have a sales team also benefit from this as it creates an SEO optimized page that's really fun to read. It no longer becomes an SEO content slapped at the bottom of a page, but something your users will be delighted to read. 

Welcome To Semalt

In summary, you now know what we can do for you. Content experience is an art. An art that we have specialized it. We have developed into perfection our ability to engage your visitors by creating a powerful online experience and being truly helpful with the contents we provide. 

Content experience allows us to be creative and make more meaningful content by creating new ones or modifying the content you already have. It is a powerful tool in building trust, generating leads, and make your brand truly stand out as different, unique. 

As SEO professionals, content writers, and developers, content experience helps us get results for the effort we've put into developing a page. So why not go with a company that has a proven track record of success? Why aren't you part of Semalt? Kindly contact us today so that we can put your website and blog on the first page of SERP.